About us

The names of the members of the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Society for Organ Transplantation

1- Dr. Mustafa Sayed Ahmed Al Moussawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
2- Dr. Rana Hussein Al-Abd Al-Razzaq, Vice Chairman of the Board.
3 - Dr. Hussein Ali Hayati - Secretary General.
4 - Mr. Adnan Mohammed Safar - Treasurer.
5- Dr. Ali Naqi - Member of the Board of Directors.
6- Dr. Mohamed Haidar Hassan Jamal - Member of the Board of Directors.
7 - Mr. Abdullah Boftin - Member of the Board of Directors.

Achievements of the Kuwaiti Society for Organ Transplantation


The Association organized several regional and international conferences, which resulted in the first transfer program of members in the Middle East between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in 1996 and this program continues with great success. These conferences also contributed to the increase in the number of donors after the death, which increased the percentage of kidney transplantation in Kuwait, which is still among the leading countries in the Middle East and the Asian and African continents. Kuwait hosted in November 2006 the Middle East Association for Organ Transplantation. Kuwait also received the honor of hosting the third International Day of Donation and Organ Transplantation in October 2007. The association participated in the organization of the first Kuwait Conference on liver, pancreas and bile ducts in March 2010.


The association contributes to cover the cost of industrial dialysis for some kidney failure patients and buy expensive medicines for the kidney transplant patients as well as providing financial assistance to the needy of these groups. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Society also covers the cost of transporting the deceased bodies of the deceased members and paying an estimate of the deceased's heirs. In addition to social activities such as organizing the annual Kerqejan concert, visiting patients and establishing an open sports day for patients.


The Kuwaiti team of members scored a historic achievement by achieving the first two gold medals and a bronze medal in the World Tournament of Organ Transplants in France in 2003, two silver and bronze medals in Canada in 2005 and two silver and bronze medals in Thailand in 2007, the first Arab achievement in this tournament which was founded in 1978. In addition, 14 medals, including 3 gold medals, were won in the 1st Middle East Games Championship in Kuwait in 2001 and 10 medals, including 4 gold medals in the second tournament, which was also held in Kuwait in 2007. The team won 13 medals, including 6 gold medals in this tournament. The Association hosted the meeting of the Union of Middle East Games of Organ Transplantation and the establishment of the Union under the chairmanship of Dr. Mustafa al-Musawi, based in Kuwait.

Our History

  • February 1979, the first transplant in Kuwait (the first in the Gulf)
  • December 1979 Issuing a fatwa on transfer and transplantation from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
  • February 1983 promulgated a law on kidney transplantation
  • August 1984 Decision issued by the Kuwaiti Society for Organ Transplantation
  • December 1987 Decree-Law on organ transplantation
  • November 1993 re-transplantation program after a three-year hiatus due to the Iraqi invasion
  • March 1996 The first kidney resection from a deceased brain after liberation
  • April 1996 First transfer of members from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, the first in the Middle East
  • October 2001 began the bone marrow transplant program in Kuwait
  • October 2007 hosting the third World Day of Donation and Organ Transplantation
  • March 2010 Participation in the organization of the first Kuwait Conference on liver and pancreas transplantation