Brain death:

The death of the brain is the death of the brain, including the vital and very important centers located in the trunk of the brain. If these centers die, the human is dead, because breathing by the artificial respiration, whatever it is, is worthless and does not give life to man.

As well as the continuous pulse of the heart and even the flow of blood from the arteries and veins (except the brain) is not considered a sign of life as long as the brain has stopped its life and its blood circulation completely irreversible.

This is what happens when the state carries out the death sentence (punishment), either by hanging or sword. Or in the case of slaughtering a sheep or chicken. In this case, the blood circulation stops the brain and the brain dies within a few minutes (three to four minutes) while the heart remains pumped for 15 to 20 minutes. The slaughtered animal moves, which we see when slaughtering chickens or sheep. On life, as long as the brain has died and the same thing happens in the hanging .. When the person hangs the blood circulation stops the brain while the heart pumping for several minutes may be a quarter of an hour to a third of an hour .. During this period no doubt that the person has died despite That his heart is still beating, because the blood circulation has been cut off from the brain, the brain has died b To do.

The causes of brain death:

The main causes of brain death are:

1 - direct head injuries (traffic accidents, fall from altitude). These causes represent 50-60%.
2 - internal hemorrhage of the brain with its various causes and it represents about 20%.

Brain tumors, encephalitis, brain abscess and meningitis ... represent 20%.

Diagnosis of brain death: The death of the brain is diagnosed according to the medical conditions considered the most important:

- The presence of a person full of fainting.

- Does not breathe only by breathing apparatus.

- Diagnosis of the cause of this fainting shows the presence of injury or disease in the brain stem or in the whole brain.

- There are no causes of temporary fainting such as drug abuse, alcohol, severe hypothermia, severe hypoglycaemia, hypoglycaemia or other known medical causes that can be treated.

Medical tests that indicate the death of the brain deterrent are:

- The absence of reflexes from the brain stem.

- Lack of breathing after stopping the artificial respirator for ten minutes under certain conditions, including the continued entry of oxygen by tube enters the trachea, and to the lungs, and the high proportion of carbon dioxide in the blood to a certain extent.

Confirmation tests:

- such as the drawing of the brain and the absence of any electrical pulse, or the absence of a brain cycle after imaging the arteries of the brain or the examination of radioactive materials.

- Re-examination by specialists after at least six hours for adults and 24 hours for children less than one year and 48 hours for children less than a month.