The aim of the unit is to provide members of brain deaths and distribute them to patients in the waiting lists according to a precise and fair system.

The members' provision program was established in 1996 with an individual effort from the head of the organ transplantation department at the time.

Mustafa Al-Moussawi and Bamkanaat very limited as one coordinator was trained to follow up brain death in all hospitals in Kuwait. Gradually, the number of coordinators increased and the number of cases in which their organs or tissues were used to treat patients increased.

In 2010, a specialized unit was established to provide members under the chairmanship of Dr. Mustafa al-Moussawi The ministry provided a car with a driver to travel to hospitals and also provided international means of communication to contact the relatives of the deceased when they are outside Kuwait.

At least two coordinators have been appointed in each hospital and several coordinators in the unit at Hamed Al-Issa Center to monitor all brain deaths in hospitals and contact their relatives inside or outside Kuwait to explain brain death and convince them to donate organs.

Each year, the Unit receives and receives about 150 communications.