Liver Transplantation

There is no doubt that the spirit is one of the things of the unseen said Almighty (and ask you about the Spirit said the spirit of the command of my Lord and you came from science only a little) Isra. Therefore, the entry of the soul into the body or out of it can not be known except by signs indicating it. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) told us about the entering of the soul into the body of the fetus in the hadeeth narrated by the two Shaykhs (al-Bukhaari and Muslim) by Abd-Allaah ibn Mas'ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said: "One of you will gather his creation in his mother's womb for forty days. Then it will be like that, and then the soul will breathe in it. "The majority of scholars and modernists have understood that this is at the full 100 days since the vaccination. As for the exodus of the soul, it was only the two previous words about the persons of sight when the soul was caught or what they saw as signs. These signs may be mistaken for lack of knowledge. 43. With scientific advances and knowledge of blood circulation, death is an irreversible stop in this blood circulation ... Since the brain can not survive for only a few minutes (about four minutes) when The brain is the first organ to be affected and died as a result of cardiac arrest, blood flow from the Golan and flow in the blood vessels. To increase this concept, the heart stops in the heart surgery (open heart surgery). The person has died, although his heart stops during surgery for a period of five years Two or more reasons The reason is that the function of the heart pump pump blood from the vena cava lower and upper after passing through a device that performs the function of the lung and then returned to the aorta, which in turn distribute blood to the rest of the body. In these cases, although the heart is stopped and breathing stopped, the person is definitely alive. This is because the blood circulation did not stop for a few seconds. And the brain receives the blood flow without interruption ... And the function of the lungs by another machine takes carbon dioxide from the blood and give oxygen This example shows that the heart, despite the importance of the human, but it can be dispensed for two or three by a machine in place ... as well as lungs. This heart is damaged in the heart of another person (brain death) or even in the heart of another animal .. And if not for operations to reject the UFO, the hearts of animals may be used for transplantation in humans, but the extreme rejection processes make this process fraught with risks .. There are multiple experiments on the hearts of animals etc Nazir) and try to change its immune system by vaccinating human genes .. It will be clear how successful or failed these experiments in the next few years.

If you should realize that even in cases where death is declared due to cardiac arrest, circulation and breathing only the first cause of death is a cutaneous hemorrhage from the brain. So if the brain can continue to be bloody, even when the heart stops, this person is alive, but the reverse is not true, that is, if the brain, especially the trunk of the brain, is destroyed, such as alertness, breathing, control of blood circulation and irreversible death. Although his heart is still beating with the help of drugs and some organs, his breathing continues through the ventilator. This is exactly what we express by brain death.